5 Things You Must Consider After Your Divorce

5 Things You Must Consider After Your Divorce

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No one said going through a divorce would be easy. But by getting some of the big issues out of the way, the process can go smoother for you, your partner and your children. At Walter Northcutt Attorney At Law, we encourage our clients to think about:



  1. Child custody – if you have children, who will serve as their primary caretaker?
  2. Visitation rights – if you’re not the primary caretaker, when and how will you be allowed to visit your children?
  3. Child and spousal support – how much money do your children and spouse need from you to maintain their lifestyles? How much money can you afford to part with each month?
  4. Retirement benefits – do you and your spouse have a combined retirement account? How will you detangle your retirement savings?
  5. Tax consequences – will your divorce cause you or your spouse to pay more in taxes?



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