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Walter M. Northcutt

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Born and raised in Auburn, Alabama, Attorney Walter Northcutt truly understands how to best serve his community's legal needs. His passion for providing guidance to those who need it most and his desire to make a difference in the lives of those around him pushed him to open his top-notch legal practice in the place he is proud to call home. Whether you're navigating a divorce, buying or selling a house, planning for the future of your estate, suffering from a personal injury, or facing another legal issue, Attorney Walter Northcutt is here for you.


We'll Handle Your Property Needs with Care & Confidence

From estate planning to real estate law, we're here to help.

Looking to Buy or Sell a Home?

Buying or selling a home should be an exciting time. While you should be celebrating this milestone, you may instead be overwhelmed by ongoing negotiations and piles of paperwork. Walter is here to help. From drafting and reviewing contracts to being by your side at the closing table, we want to ensure that your best interests are represented at every step in the process.

Ready to Plan for the Future?

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is the best way to set your loved ones up for success once you have passed. At Walter M. Northcutt Attorney at Law, we put in the personal time and attention necessary to help you create a tailor-made plan for the future of your assets. We also provide compassionate guidance through the probate process. Don't face these difficult issues alone.

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Put an Advocate on Your Side Through the Divorce Process

Filing for divorce can be an emotionally taxing process, but it can also help you gain the fresh start you need to move forward. If you're ready to turn the page, we're here to assist you. With over three decades of experience, Walter Northcutt is equipped with the skills necessary to advocate for your best interests through your divorce. We want to make sure that your voice is heard and your needs are met so you can start your future out on the right foot.

In the state of Alabama, you do not have to prove that anyone was at-fault for the marriage's failure. You and your spouse can file for a no-fault divorce on the grounds that there are, for example, irreconcilable differences. However, you can also pursue a divorce on fault-based grounds, like adultery or drug addiction. In a no-fault divorce, you simply have to show the court that the marriage is "irretrievably broken," whereas, in a fault-based divorce, you must provide factual evidence supporting your reasons for seeking the divorce.

Once you have determined which kind of divorce you will pursue, you must reach an agreement on a variety of issues, including child custody. If your child is a minor, a judge will determine how your child's time will be divided between both parents and who will have the capacity to make decisions regarding the welfare of your child. You will need to submit a parenting plan that outlines the specifics of how your child will be cared for. Many factors will be taken into consideration when a judge is deciding on a custody arrangement, but the ultimate decision will be based on the best interests of the child.

If you're facing the difficult process of pursuing a divorce, ensure that you have a compassionate legal partner on your side from start to finish. From our office in Auburn, Alabama, we are proud to serve the members of our local community, as well as individuals in the surrounding areas of LaFayette, Montgomery, Elmore County, and Chambers County. Reach out today to see how we can help.