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Probate & Estate Planning Attorney in Auburn, Alabama

Untangle Your Complicated Estate Matters

Probate a Will in Auburn, AL

Smiling man, woman, and child A recent death can leave your family confused and upset in more ways than one. Dividing the assets of a complicated estate can bring out the worst in argumentative family members if it’s not handled correctly. Hiring an estate planning lawyer at Walter Northcutt Attorney At Law to probate your family member’s will can mitigate these problems.

Our office takes on all types of complicated probate and family law cases, including:

  • Will and estate planning

  • Adoption paperwork

  • Estate probate cases

  • Guardian and conservatorship issues

  • Ad valorem taxes

  • Living will preparations

Plan for the Future of Your Estate

When Do You Need to Hire a Probate Lawyer?

Sometimes, an estate or a family member’s will can be more complicated than it seems. Here are a few times you may need to hire an estate planning lawyer to step in:

  • Your family members aren’t getting along

  • The estate in question includes real estate or a business

  • There are outstanding debts on the estate