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Mediation & Business Law Attorney in Auburn, Alabama

Man and woman sitting across man with a clipboardWhen people can settle their differences between themselves, they almost always come out better than if a Judge or Jury makes the final decision. Mediation allows the parties to reach a solution in a manner that enables all involved to walk away with some satisfaction. When parties go to court, they are often disappointed in the outcome and feel that they had no control over the decision. Mediation allows the parties to decide the outcome of their case.

Types of Mediation

  • Divorce and Separation

  • Custody

  • Personal Injury

  • Property Damage

  • Any Action In Litigation

  • Corporate and Business Disputes

  • Personnel and Employee Disputes

  • Neighborhood Disputes

Courts that Benefit from Mediation

  • Domestic and Family

  • Circuit Court Civil

  • District Court Civil

  • Small Claims

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Reasons to Consider Mediation

  • Mediation takes less time than a contested or uncontested divorce.

  • Mediation costs thirty to forty percent less than an uncontested divorce.

  • Mediation produces agreement in fifty to eighty percent of cases.

  • Focuses on key issues of separation or divorce:

    • Child Issues

    • Custody

    • Real Estate

    • Spousal Support

    • Medical Insurance

    • Personal Property

Business Law in Auburn, AL

Forming a new Business? Need help understanding a contract or agreement written by dozens of high paid attorneys? These are just a few of the many areas of business law in which many business people depend on Mr. Northcutt for guidance. The areas below are those which you need to consider if you have a business or intend to start a business. Let Mr. Northcutt guide you through the pitfalls of running your business.

  • Incorporation vs. Individual Liability

  • Contract Terms

  • Recovery for Breach of Contract

  • Limited Liability Companies